Tools for self-reflection: Tarot

December 6, 2018

We all feel the need to self-reflect. Leadership is all about self-reflection, exploring your perceptions and emotions.

We might be caught in one interpretation of a situation and be unable to see clearly through the clutter to give it another interpretation. Tarot is one way to look at it differently. Lay the cards for a situation, look at them, interpret them and reflect if the interpretation indicated by the cards could be another explaination. This isn’t about esoterical forecasting, Tarot is a collection of situative descriptions, expressed in symbolism, which trigger certain connotations in your mind. As you reflect on the picture the cards draw about a situation, you will untap totally different interpretation of the situation. Your mind will adjust the images and interpretations to your situation. Just keep in mind, Tarot doesn’t offer the real story of a situation, it just helps you to come up with an alternative story of a situation. It is up to you to accept some parts of this alternative story or to reject it.

Again, given the high relevance of reflection in management and leadership, Tarot could be one way to trigger a reflective cascade.

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This topic should be explored furter.