Action Research Explained Video

From Management Letters


  • Explain in a nutshell what Action Research in Organisations is all about.
  • Pitch AR for problem resolution in an organisational context
  • The video should explain to C-level executives or other corporate sponsors what AR is and why it makes sense to sponsor/execute an AR project.
  • The video should help students who need to conduct an AR project in convincing their corporate sponsors/stakeholders


  • Five speakers, five minutes, one minute per speaker, one question per speaker.
  • Stick to the minimum with theory, it should be practice focused and pragmatic.
  • Professional appearance, no tie needed, but no T-Shirt either ??
  • Contributors answer one or many questions from below, maximum one minute per question, then submit their videos to Ulrich and he will cut it up.

Story line

  • 5 Questions - 5 minutes - 5 answers

Q1: What is Action Research in an organisational context?

  • Organizational Development: Distinguish from ordinary consulting practice: Analyse, Design/Plan, Act. Action Research goes further and adds a Reflect stage. Also, Action Research goes deeper and is more profound and has a clear focus on participation.

Q2: How can we implement an Action Research project in an organisational context?

Q3: What are the benefits of Action Research for the organisation?

Q4: How does AR compare to X/Y/Z?

Q5: ???


  • Problem resolution focused research
  • Examples of problems